USC Memes is losing the national poll for the best meme page

Which we all know must be some kind of technical glitch

How many times do we have to defend you, USCMFSPT?

Back in February, we were threatened by (and fought back against) UCLA’s claims that they have the best collegiate memes page.

Now we’re losing this national poll created by the Tab Columbia called “Which college meme group is the spiciest?”.

Columbia reflected upon our memes page nicely, saying:

“Pointy things? Really, President Nikias? According to the admin of USC Memes for Spoiled Pre-teens, University students enjoy poking fun at the administration’s decision to spend money on these mysterious pointy towers, which are situated in front of the main entrance and Glorya Kaufman Dance Center entrance. Considering the sheer popularity of pointy things-themed jokes, you would think that the memes would get stale – but these clever USC students have continuously discovered better and fresher ways to keep things interesting.”

However, our standings in their poll don’t reflect our obvious superiority.

We are literally last out of 12 schools, you guys.

So vote, or don’t. In our hearts we know USC reigns supreme. It’d just be nice to have some hard data to back it up.

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