The memery has reached a new level with Pointy Things for Spoiled Pre-Teens stickers

Erik Byargeon, Lucas McGartland and Andrew Ullmann have already surpassed their funding goal

You’ve seen the memes. You know all about President Nikias. Now it’s time to take your dedication to the USC meme culture to a whole new level.

posted by Rich Windisch

Posted by Tufan Nadjafi

Pointy Things for Spoiled Pre-Teens are “the sticker you coveted, but didn’t know you needed,” made available to all by USC students Erik Byargeon, Lucas McGartland and Andrew Ullmann. The sticker features our university’s president C. L. Max Nikias mounting one of his precious architectural features, known colloquially as ‘pointy things’.

For just $3 USD one of these beautiful stickers can be yours for the taking — or at least yours to pick up at RTCC April 20th and 21st. Other price/pick-up options are detailed on the guys’ Go Fund Me page.

“The sticker was our own creation, and we came up with the idea while watching New Girl actually,” said co-creator Andrew Ullmann. “It was kinda a weird transition, but worked out.”

He, along with Byargeon and McGartland, decided to crowdsource $500 to create and distribute the stickers.

“We are glad you and everyone else liked them enough to reach our funding goal!” he continued. So far the guys have raised over $550 with over 100 backers.

Their page states that their goal is for there, “to be so many Nikias’ stickers that if you saw actual Nikias you’d wonder what happened to his faithful steed,” and with this many people interested so far and just about a week left for sales, it looks like their goal could come to fruition.

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