Banditos is located in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Will this really stop us from going?

Banditos has taken the USC nightlife by storm.

In the past two months, USC has been taken over by a new nightlife venue that has brought a breath of fresh air and has students lining around the block to get in. Banditos, a Mexican style restaurant and bar, has been the go to spot as of late, especially as it seems 28th street is taking a bit of a partying hiatus and the 9-0 continues to feel more and more like a sweaty cramped animal cage.

Luckily, Banditos is a new entity in of our night lives, as the drinks seem cheap, the music is lively, and good times continue to roll, we begin to ask ourselves, “Banditos, where have you been all my life?” Like most things at USC, Banditos seems to be good to be true; however, there is one large caveat that comes with Banditos that should not go unnoticed.

With one of the top five fasting rising crime rate in Los Angeles, Vermont Square just does not feel like a good spot for a bar

Banditos is located on the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Menlo Avenue, a short Uber ride from campus and blocks away from the Coliseum. One would assume that Banditos lives within the borders of DPS and our prestigious Campus safety watch; however, you would be mistaken.

DPS does not patrol this area. According to the LA Times, Banditos lives within Vermont Square, the neighborhood that possesses one of the highest crime rates in Los Angeles. It has the 17th highest crime rate out of over 200 neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Its crime rate is rising so quickly, that its violent crime rate is currently beating Chesterfield Square, the single most dangerous neighborhood in the city.

Chesterfield Square (left) vs. Vermont Square (right)/ LA Times

According to multiple sources from DPS, there have been reports that Banditos is a few doors down from one of the largest gang dens in our city, which should strike some amount of fear within us as our drinking hole is in close proximity of violent criminals. Not to mention, Banditos is known for opening sides of their walls to deal with the rising heat level throughout the course of the night, practically putting our dancing inebriated selves on display to the entire neighborhood.

Perhaps it’s just me, but the act of essentially showcasing a room of drunk loud college students to a crime heavy neighborhood just does not strike me as a good idea.

Is this gonna really stop us?

In reality though, will this really stop us from going? Banditos has been such a big hit because it offers a wider variety to the USC night scene, it has no “guest list” and promises a good time for all. The photo booth, the rustic ski ball machine, and surprisingly good tacos are just some of the positive features Banditos beholds and all USC students (when they become of age) should experience ita rough neighborhood should not scare you from all of the good that Banditos brings.

So next time you are planning on going out, Banditos should be high on your list, just be sure to travel with friends and not act moronic when you are over there. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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