What your laptop sticker says about you

You’re probably basic

Laptop stickers seem to have become an essential college accessory. For some, they may just be for decoration. For others, choosing and placing their stickers is a careful and precise process that illustrates their personality…or at least the the personality they want others to see. Sometimes, however, there is a disconnect between what you intend to project with your lap top stickers, and what they mean for others.

Your state

These are typically out-of-staters showing pride for their home

What you think it says: Look, I’m a cool and interesting ~foreigner~

What it actually says: Not being from California is the only unique thing about me

TV Shows

You have pics of your favorite characters or inside jokes from the shows that only fellow fans will appreciate

What you think it says: Wow I’m so funny and such a true fan, if you don’t get it, then get tf out

What it actually says: I might be failing chemistry, but I have an A in binge watching

Patagonia Sticker

So you probably got this sticker when you complained to the company that your fleece was not soft enough or the zipper was defective

What you think it says: I love being outdoorsy…out in nature…breathing it all in

What it actually says: I’ve never actually hiked a mountain in my life (And no, the walk up to the Hollywood sign does not count)

Vineyard Vines Stickers

Similarly to Patagonia, you got this from that one $50 T Shirt you ordered

Econ major because they didn't get into Haas. It was fine though because their parents have job connections

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What you think it says: I’ve totally been preppy my whole life

What it actually says:  I’ve never been to Martha’s Vineyard and I own the same whale shirt in five different pastel colors

A lot of random USC Stickers

They came in many forms: from Tommy Trojan to “Fight On!”

What you think it says: I love my school, Fight on!

What it actually says: I am too lazy to go on redbubble to pick out my own stickers, so I just used the ones I got for free at various USC events

“Sassy” Stickers

Whether it’s “too sassy for you,” a Peach butt emoji, “rawr,” “whatever,” or “i don’t care,” it all says the same thing

Some savage sent this in. Take a study break and send in some laptops from the library.

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What you think it says: I’m not like other girls, I’m a ‘cool’ girl who doesn’t really care

What it actually says: I’m just like every other girl, and I care a lot

Feminist stickers

You usually don’t need the  “nasty woman,” Rosie the riveter, of “Vote Knope” stickers to know this chick cares about gender equality

Feminist hipster girl from cal.

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What you think it says: I am woman, hear me roar

What it actually says: I have three rants a day about smashing the patriarchy

Aesthetic Stickers

Lips, flowers, old actors and movie you think are cool but never have actually seen, vague and cliche sayings like “just breathe;” it’s like a physical snapshot of your Tumblr

Cal student who watches YouTube makeup tutorials and says "stay golden" without knowing its from The Outsiders which got it from a Robert Frost poem and that it's actually "Stay Gold."

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What you think it says: I’m really artsy and cool

What it actually says: I’ve put in a lot of effort to build a perfectly trendy social media persona 

Food Stickers

Starbucks, burritos, pizza– all the college essentials

What you think it says: Forget the roses and diamonds, just give me Chipotle and read my foodie article on Spoon University

What it actually says: Instead of planning when to do adult things or study, I am constantly thinking of when and where my next meal is coming from

Sorority/Fraternity Stickers

You can spot a Greek Life members from the other end of Trousdale

What you think it says: I am so committed to the sisterhood/brotherhood, community service, and awesome themed parties

What it actually says: I suffered a lot of emotional and physical humiliation to get this sticker and matching backpack

Book Laptop Case

Last but not least, this loser: The one person in your class who insists their Lenovo is actually better than everyone else’s MAC

What you think it says: I’m bookish and a quirky-cool kind of nerdy

What it actually says: All my friends are fictional

So whether your stickers are funny, ~deep~, or uniquely basic, slap them on your laptop and show yourself off to the world! But there is no guarantee that others will necessarily pick up exactly what you are trying to put down.

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