Your definitive list of starter packs for every frat at USC

Because frat guys love to generalize sorority girls, even though they’re just as basic

Sorority women get a lot of crap from people about being cookie cutter versions of their individual chapter brands. Much of such critique comes from frat guys — oh excuse me — “fraternity men.” When going through sorority rush, recruitment advisors tell you not to listen to any guy’s opinion on the sororities because their male-crafted stereotypes have the potential to lead you astray.

While fraternity guys tend to generalize all girls by their sorority, if you ever gave them a taste of their own medicine, they would be less than pleased. Admit it though, frat guys are just as basic and cookie cutter, if not more so, than sorority women. Therefore, I present you with a similarly gross generalization of USC fraternities in the form of starter packs.


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