Student Affairs are offering a monetary incentive for recounts of oppression at USC

Are you oppressed? Student Affairs thinks so!

USC Student Affairs has released an open call for you, the oppressed student body, to send in three to seven minute videos of “real life events occurring on a US college campus related to diversity.”

These videos are meant to be instructional and implemented for campus wide diversity training. However, rather than motivating the student body to take action against real acts of injustice by moral indignation, the pitch relies on none other than money. $1,500 in fact, distributed between three top winners.

Student Affairs, whose budget is at least partially derived from student tuition through our fee to student government, insists in the advertisement for the call that “many” have “seen, heard, or experienced oppression on a college campus”; however, the high monetary prize might insinuate that they believe otherwise.


“What we are trying to do is have case studies involving diversity that are fairly recent,” Gabriel M. Valenzuela, Director of Campus Activities, told The Tab USC in an email. “Once taped, we can then replicate this experience perhaps online or to all of the student body.”


“The idea was that if the ‘dramatization’ was based on a real-life experience that we could link to articles and provide a back story / history that would provide some context [sic],” Valenzuela continued.

In light of last semester’s successful USG bill to freeze our tuition and the administration’s lack of positive response, there may be questions to be asked about official university spending.

University of Southern California