Chicago Bears draft quarterback Mitch Trubisky

Mitch was the second overall pick

Why is Alert Carolina afraid to say ‘Sexual Assault’?

The only thing that alert made us aware of was that ‘fondling’ is still a word

Chase Rice is performing at He’s Not tonight

He’s repping some faded blue denim on Franklin Street

Joel, Theo and Tony to enter NBA Draft

Without hiring agents, all three could return to school next year.

13 Reasons Why literally doesn’t follow ANY suicide prevention guidelines

Experts say it could do more harm than good

It’s been over a year and I still miss Los Pos

Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all

Silent Sam was graffitied again sometime yesterday

The phrases read, “Love is understanding,” “Why others hate,” “BLM” and “Love > Hate.”

NC House Bill 612 wants to allow firearms education in high schools

No live ammunition would be used or present

North Carolina lawmakers have proposed a bill that would remove UNC from the ACC

The new bill responds to the prior ACC boycott over HB2

This strange coincidence in the stats practically predicted UNC’s national title win

We’re all a little superstitious

Allen Artis’ attorney says UNC found no violation in sexual assault case

Football player Allen Artis continues to face two misdemeanor charges

The privilege of rushing Franklin Street

For the most part, the cops are seemingly friendly and let folks do whatever they please

Carolina Coffee Shop is up for sale

The restaurant could change with new ownership

How well do you know Carolina basketball?

The ceiling is still the roof!

We found out the Tar Heels used to have a different name proving March is madness

Don’t worry, Duke still had the worst nickname

Dear younger Alex, I wish you knew what the future holds: A letter from Glitter Girl

‘Recovery is going to be one hell of a struggle, but guess what? You are going to win’

We spoke to Justin Do, the guy who’s collecting every Nintendo DS in the ‘class of’ groups

You’re not playing Nintendogs anymore, so hand that DS over

2 Chainz concert will now feature Final Four watch party

So stop selling your tickets

Protesters boycott Wendy’s in Carolina Union as part of the Return to Human Rights Tour

They want to kick Wendy’s off campus

Bar Madness Final Four: What’s the best bar in Chapel Hill?

Is ToPo going to take them all down?