What it’s like to have a family of dook fans as a Carolina student on game day

UNC vs. All Y’all

You want to buy every 'dook sucks' t-shirt that every boutique on Franklin sells

If only I wasn't a broke college kid, I'd arrange quite the care package to send to the fam when the greatest rivalry in college sports comes around. *sigh*

Stakes are a lot higher when you've spent an entire week talking trash

We don't argue about much, but come dook day there isn't much we agree on. Ninety percent of our communications are pure shit talking and I make it a game to send pictures of every single #duckfook thing I see on campus. Relay for Life's Pin The Tears On Grayson Allen was a personal favorite.

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Do Not Disturb mode comes in handy during game time

You'd think I were the most popular girl in the bar for the seconds following every time dook hits a shot, but as soon as the clock times out and it's a Tar Heel win, they simmer down and my phone resumes to being it's usual, motionless piece of metal, glass and whatever else is in there.

They get to participate in the Rush Franklin fun, too

In an effort to rub it in a little (UNC students/fans aren't sore winners at all), they get a huge feed of Snapchat videos featuring obnoxiously over-excited me and the other thousands of Tar Heels. They can't deny that watching drunk people jump fires and climb light poles is entertaining.

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"Anyone have an iPhone charger?"

The beauty of an iPhone is that their battery lives are even shorter than my attention span. Before the cops chase everyone onto the sidewalks, my phone is toast from all the back and forth and I have to resort to actually talking to the people I'm with (ugh). It's worth it.

Win or lose, it's a good life to be a Tar Heel.