Thoughts you have after coming back from winter break

Oh yeah, I actually have to go to college to be a college student

"How tf did I do this before?"

Throughout syllabus week, I am in awe that I have survived previous semesters. While not having a ton of work to do is very nice, that first day is all talk about tests, quizzes, daily homework, no late policies and all the other aspects of college that make me go crazy. Do I still know Spanish after a month spent at home? Was I suppose to remember things from CHEM 101 so I could use it in 102? Why are you assigning us so much reading? Truly, I must be some kind of superhuman since I’m still alive.

"I’m totally going to make all A’s with my brand new Moleskine Planner."

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A new year means a fresh start. I got my 2018 planner and barely remembered that I hardly used the last one in 2017, but that doesn't matter because this year is different. This year, I’m going to write down ALL my homework assignments. This year, I’m going to write down social events weeks in advance so I don’t forget about them. This year…I probably won’t do any of these things but it’s nice to think so during syllabus week.

"How long can I make it without buying the book?"

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I don’t know about you guys, but I think the Student Stores at the beginning of the semester is an absolute shit-show. The new set up is cramped and has extremely disorganized lines. No joke, last semester I got checked out in the upstairs post office. I generally never buy the books unless the books have the homework problems (i.e. language and math classes). If I need a book to write a certain essay, obviously I’m just going to check it out from the library or borrow it from a friend instead of waiting hours in line and spend $59.99 on a one time use.

"OMG — I missed you so much! How was your break?"

I am ashamed of how many times these words have crossed my lips over the past few days. Winter break is so strange because you go from seeing the same people everyday to not seeing them for almost a month. Not going to lie, I forget those people exist in the real world and not just in my Carolina bubble. But seriously, friends are the best and you should make time for all of them. Here’s a link to all the drink special of the week in Chapel Hill, so no excuses now.

"Am I just a desperate senior or is my TA kind of hot?"

No description needed.

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