A First-Year’s first impressions of first semester

As the second semester of my first year at UNC begins, I wanted to look back on my first semester as a Tar Heel.


It is no surprise that a school that was established in 1789 has many traditions passed down throughout the years. As a first-year student, I did not realize how quickly I would learn all of them. At orientation, I loved learning all of the chants that would soon come in handy at every sporting event imaginable.

Learning the campus

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Walking from class to class makes it much harder to gain that pesky freshman 15. Every day of the semester, I ended up with over 10,000 steps. I'm pretty proud to say I figured out the UNC campus in only a few days.

No shortage on food

Whether it's Franklin Street or one of the dining halls, you will never go hungry on campus. In my first semester, I have tried numerous types of food I have never even heard of. I have expanded my palate more in the past five months than my entire lifetime.

Free stuff

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A parental lesson students quickly forget when they become a Tar Heel is never taking free things from strangers. Walking in The Pit between classes or at lunch, I always noticed a large gathering of students around the tables giving away free stuff. Between stickers, t-shirts and especially food, you can get UNC kids to any event when there are free things involved.

You will find your niche

I quickly learned that there is at least one club or team for everyone at UNC. When I walked onto Hooker Fields during my first Fall Fest, I saw an infinite amount of places I could belong. Thankfully, I found a place for my love of writing — The Tab.

Part of a family

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Despite UNC having around 30,000 students, you still feel a tight bond with everyone around you. Whenever you are on campus or out in the world and see someone with a UNC t-shirt, you feel a connection with that person. With so many alumni all over the world, there is a whole network of us who bleed Carolina blue.