Man allegedly places small detonator on Davie Poplar, causing fire that injures UNC professor

UNC’s Professor Reichart was seen trying to stomp out the fire before the small explosion

This afternoon, a man allegedly set fire to the Davie Poplar tree and set a small detonator on the scene.

Videos show UNC's Professor Reichart trying to stomp out the fire, then being hit with a small explosion.

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UNC's Professor Reichart is believed to have suffered burns and is being treated.

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Photo by Evan White

Eyewitness accounts suggest the tree was set on fire by a man playing guitar. After setting the fire, he allegedly ran to the south building and stripped naked.

Witnesses say he was screaming "Hail Satan" and "This University will fall." It is an urban myth that UNC will crumble when the Davie Poplar falls.

UPDATE: The man responsible has been arrested by UNC police.

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We will update this story as more information becomes available.