Why Halloween on Franklin is overrated

Just check it off of your bucket list and move on

We all know the stories of Halloween on Franklin Street, but is it worth the struggle? There are just some things that make it too hard to get through, whether it's the large crowd, long lines or chaotic mess that is Heeloween.


Families come out and ruin the fun because you’re having a decent time laughing with all the drunk friends you see on the street, then you see a group of 10-year-olds and you can’t help but wonder how this could be any fun for them. All you can do is hope someone averts their eyes before anything inappropriate happens — and it’s Halloween, so nothing appropriate is happening.

Too drunk, too crowded

Without even thinking of the kids, is it really fun for you? I mean, if you’re completely wasted, the night is probably a blast. For the rest of you, those people are falling on top of you the whole time and on one another. It’s so crowded on the street that you can’t really do much but shuffle forward.

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Just go to a party

Why not just go to a party to begin the night? You’re going to end up at a party anyway, so I say find a party around 8, another around 10, and do what you want from there.

The fun is over before 11

The cops end the Franklin Street celebration earlier now. Even if you wanted to have a lot of fun on the street, CHPD ensures that doesn’t happen.

My advice

Go to Franklin Street on Halloween once when you’re a student and be done with it — check it off your UNC bucket list. Then, just start going to the parties that are guaranteed to be much more fun and you won't be tiptoeing around cops for two hours.

If you love seeing everyone’s costumes, which are quite inventive for some people who do all they can for this holiday, then definitely venture out there! When I’ve been there, some of the costumes are absolutely incredible.

No matter what you decide to do, Halloween in Chapel Hill is always a night to remember.

Happy Halloween, Tar Heels! Stay safe out there.