Franklin St. is getting new pizza places and Korean fried chicken

nom nom nom

Franklin Street is finally adding a little more diversity to its repertoire by opening Bonchon, an Asian fusion restaurant.

Then, to no surprise, more pizza joints are being added right below Top of the Hill and in Carolina Square.

While Franklin street may have a million pizza joints, there doesn't seem to be one like the MidiCi or the Pizza Press and there sure as heck isn't a restaurant like Bonchona. Both offer some fresh vibes to the street filled with restaurants.

Midici will open directly below TOPO and offers some West Coast vibes, originally coming from L.A. This means you can expect fresh and high quality ingredients and hopefully a fun vibe to keep people coming back.

In Carolina Square, the Pizza Press will be setting up near Target, so after you get your Target haul you can pick up another fresh pizza originating from California.

Bonchon is a Korean fried chicken restaurant that's offering a new spin to a seasoned food veteran. The restaurant bought the old location of McCalisters, meaning second floor seating. It'll be a fun addition to Chapel Hill.