There are signs popping up all over campus for Silent Sam’s ‘last FDOC’

We all knew this was coming

If you haven't noticed, there have been tons of flyers around campus announcing a rally for the removal of Silent Sam.

It will specifically call for the removal of the monument, calling it "The First Day of Silent Sam's Last Semester.

In the aftermath of Charlottesville as well as events that happened in Durham, it's not surprising to see controversy spread to our own Silent Sam.

From what we saw in Durham, things can get a bit messy so if you are involved in the rally tomorrow or plan on being a spectator, please be safe and do so peacefully.

There will already be a ton of scared First Years on campus and we want them to know that not only will they be safe on our campus, but also that they can have their voices heard but in a safe manner.

Here are some safety tips if you plan on attending the rally.