This flyer encouraging violence against Trump supporters was found on UNC’s campus

Students received an email from Chancellor Carol Folt

In an email to the student body Thursday evening, Chancellor Carol Folt said UNC administration had been made aware of an inappropriate flyer circulating around campus and online. The flyer encouraged violence against Trump supporters and compared them to neo-Nazi fascists.

Folt said,¬†“We take these matters very seriously. The flyer and its message are the antithesis of the values that are the foundation of our University.”

“It is not designed to spark civil discourse or encourage thoughtful debate. Its intentions are to incite violence, and there is no place for that here or in our society.”

Encouraging violence against other students is never tolerable at UNC, and this message is not OK.

If you have any information or see any other materials, contact University Police at 919-962-8100.