A stranger invited me to a Corgi’s birthday party and it was the best experience I have ever had

The dog host greeted all of his guests at the door

Everyone who knows me knows I have an obsession with Corgis. If you follow any of my social media accounts, you will know the extent of my obsession. I do not nor will I ever apologize for the obscene amount of pictures/articles/videos of Corgis that I post.

I wanted to find a Corgi owner in Chapel Hill that I could interview – mostly so I could meet a corgi. I became a member of  “Triangle NC Corgis” on Facebook and quickly went to work on my important journalistic endeavor. My first night in the group, I got a message from a lady saying that she would love to meet up and be interviewed.

I was happy about the interview – but then my situation went from good to better. She said: “Are you free on Sunday the 5th? A local pet store is hosting a private birthday party for my pup, Don Corgleone, and another corgi pup, Elsa. There should be about 10-15 corgis there”.

My heart stopped. My entire life has lead up to this moment. I had finally peaked. I had just been invited to a Corgi’s birthday party that included not one but 10-15 Corgis. I ran through the halls of Granville freaking out, quickly regained my composure.

Let me just tell you that those two weeks leading up to this party were the longest two weeks of my life. I had only met one Corgi at a time and I was not sure how I would act in front of 10-15 Corgis, so I had to mentally prepare myself.

When the day had finally arrived, I took a friend to the pet shop. We saw three stately Corgis looking at us through the window. I was ready.

So what does a Corgi party look like? This party was for Don Corgleone and Elsa.



Don was such a lovely host. He greeted each guest as they came through the door. The guests continued to arrive and the party grew more and more hype. I felt like I was at a frat full of puppies.

Some Corgis could not handle all the excitement. I could barely handle my excitement, and my body is much bigger than theirs.

A very excited puppy

The many, fluffy Corgi butts made me so happy.  I mean, just look at this pup’s fluffy butt, I couldn’t handle all the fluff.

There was so much craziness and running around that there was no way I could take pictures of all of the amazing pups. But here is seven in one photo:

This was honestly the best party I have ever been to. Don was a wonderful host and always made sure his guests were having a good time. Elsa was very social and made me feel extremely welcome. The only ones who made me feel more welcome were their amazing owners. I left that party with enough hair on me to keep a small child warm for the winter and enough love in my heart to overpower the massive allergy attack that was to come.

Just so you all know, I am allergic to dogs.