A babe’s guide to surviving the first 100 days of Trump’s America

Because babes stick together — always

It’s an unfortunate fact that most presidents pass more legislation in their first 100 days in office than at any other time during their term. That means things in the good ole U-S of A are going to be changing and they’re going to be changing really fucking quick.

If you already feel like you’re drowning in conservative quicksand, you aren’t alone. What’s a babe to do when you feel like the new administration is against literally everything good in this world? Here’s a guide to survive Trump’s hot 100 days in office:

Vent to your senator’s legal aides

Right now, most of us will vent to literally anyone who will listen about Trump’s fucked up early policies. Chances are, his shitty propositions will keep rolling in. And while ranting to your roommates, cats and Snapchat followers is important, what’s more important is venting to basically the only people who can stop him. Your representatives. Literally just vent to your Senators legal aides. Get to know them. Call there all the time. Tell Senator Whoeva that they need to get their shit together. And start that ASAP while we have time to block some of Trump’s appointments.

Get involved

Probably the worst part of watching election night was feeling like you did all you could to get Hillary elected…but there was nothing else you could do. When the popular vote was counted, this was infuriating. The lack of your vote’s utility made you feel helpless. But what is more important now than ever? Your voice. Get involved in local and state politics. Find a kickass non-profit to support. Donate, volunteer, use your special skills to help the causes we need to survive a Trump administration. It will be the little guys who make the difference in everyday lives these next four years. Getting involved to some degree will help diminish your existential dread or depression scrolling through your Twitter feed.

Keep the Trump-lovers comments off your Facebook wall

I am all down for trying to covert people’s politics over social media, but it gets really fucking annoying when your Republican cousin comments on all of your stuff, and oftentimes with incorrect information (Pizzagate wasn’t real, okay, John?).  You will probably be posting on how stupid our government’s policies have become over the next 100 days. If you want to send a clear message that you aren’t ok with your friends who spread hate, delete them. If your family is going to cut you off for deleting Grand-Uncle Bill on your newsfeed, at least limit their commentary. You can set them to ‘restricted’ on Facebook and they won’t see any of your liberally-charged statuses. You’re welcome.

Build other women up

Buy women-made products. Buy books written by women. Watch female-led movies. Remind your female teachers and professors how badass they are. Call your mom. Visit your grandma’s grave. Save Melania. Just protect women. It’s more therapeutic than a Lush bath bomb and it’s just necessary.

Stay intersectional

We literally don’t know what is going to happen in the next 100 days to our vulnerable sisters. White women, remember you have to make up for the 60 percent or so of your women who voted for this disaster. Trump has already signed off on executive orders that limits women’s health in other nations and started to dismantle sanctuary cities. Make yourself a sanctuary city. Remind WOC in your social network that you want to hear their perspective. Try to educate yourself on intersectional issues by reading perspectives by WOC instead of by whitewashed reporters. Scream even louder when Trump attempts to touch their rights than you do when he says something creepy to Ivanka. Use your privledge to fight for babes of color. Fight for babes with disabilities. Fight for babes with chronic illness. Fight for babes in poverty. Fight for bi, lesbian and trans babes. You will be much better at the end of his term for it.

Support the press

Seriously, keep your eye on the Trump administration’s policies regarding the press. Raise hell every time he tries to discredit them. If you are privileged enough to have the extra income, vote with your wallet. Subscribe to the New York Times and WaPo. Keep watching news on TV. Stay woke in ways other than reading your Twitter feed. Prove to Trump that the nation shouldn’t only be getting info from his Twitter.

Consider that job in the public sector

If you are privileged enough to be entering the workforce with some wiggle-room in how much cash you need to make, consider a job in the public sector. Were you always considering going into education, criminal justice, or nonprofit? There is literally no better time to have good-hearted babes working for others. If Trump doesn’t destroy our economy, you can make the big bucks later.

Always remember America didn’t vote for this

Even on the worst days, remember that there are millions of good people out there. There are babes around the country rooting for you.

Punch a nazi

Because it feels good and they deserve it.