Your guide to Heeloween

How to not spend too much time at Time Out

So it’s finally your first Heeloween and you have no idea what to expect.  Don’t worry – we got you covered.  Also, when I say Heeloween, that means Halloween for Tar Heels.  Ok, now that we go that covered, let’s get into the advice and suggestions because that’s what you came for.



Keep it simple and keep it obvious.  No one likes it when they have to guess what you are because chances are, they won’t even ask.  Make sure your costume is something relevant and/or whimsical.  Most people don’t go for gory or scary costumes, unless you can look somewhat normal while doing it.

If you want to buddy up or make a group, even better.  Many people form a group and pick a theme so everyone can be included, but make sure the group stays together the whole night or else the costume quickly loses its meaning.  You can also form a group costume that doesn’t necessarily need to stay together that way there are no hard feelings about splitting.


Also very important costume advice – make sure it’s comfortable.  Nothing ruins the Halloween spirit faster than blisters on your feet and constant readjusting of your costume.  If you can wear sneakers with your costume, do it.

The Before

We’ll keep this one quick– don’t go too hard before hitting the streets, you’ll want to remember this one.

Franklin Street


Franklin Street is usually a very hectic part of the night.  Families are everywhere with strollers and small children, so watch out for your crazy friends.  Push your way through from top of the street to the bottom and get a good look at what everyone’s costumes.  Chances are you’re going to run into at least 10 of your other friends, giving you the opportunity for the last minute group switch before you go out.



I know I don’t have to tell everyone about the multitude of options for a late night snack after a hard night out, but a refresher never hurts.  Time Out will be mobbed, so if that’s your plan, get there early.  Same with Sup Dogs.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.33.14 PM

You best bet is ordering delivery 30 minutes before you’re ready to head out, then it will be arriving at your place right around the same time as you.  That way, you don’t have to deal with cranky cats and sloppy super heroes and can enjoy your food in the comforts of your own table (or bed).

Also, remember that Chipotle is serving $3 burritos from 3pm to close if you’re in costume.

No matter what, remember to have fun and stay spirited!

Happy Heeloween!