A celebration of the life of Vine: The end of a sub-culture

Damn Daniel

Around noon today, Vine joined countless web applications in program heaven. Twitter has decided to stop developing the application and the mobile apps will soon be discontinued, and with it, a sub-culture will die.

Vine was founded in June 2012 and bought by Twitter in October 2012. It lived for a meaningful four years in the Newsfeeds of its loved ones.

The death of Vine has signalled the end of an era. The end of the tool that gave six-seconds of voice to youth culture. A tool that reminded everyone that passion and a little creativity can make millions of people happy.

A tool that reminded us that sometimes it only takes one person to change the world– even if that change is creating the phrase “on fleek” or making Vans go viral for the first time in years.

Vine will always be remembered for creating a few years of sick pop culture. It will be lived on by its website until Twitter stomps on our hearts again and takes it down, by the insufferable pop-culture stars who got their start on the platform (like Nash Grier), and by the many memes that have already been created by its immense cultural influence.

Anyone wishing to mourn the application can join the #RIPVine movement on Twitter. This hashtag is to be a celebration of life, not a mournful occasion. Please gift emojis and sarcastic comments instead of flowers.