The weirdest posts from the class of 2019 Facebook group

The group has descended into chaos

The UNC “class of” Facebook groups are usually used for sharing information between people of the same age. Users may promote philanthropy events, ask their peers to procrastinate using online surveys, or beg someone to sublease their Lux apartment for the summer.

But recently, the UNC Class of 2019 group has resorted to chaos.

Some of the posts were strange but harmless

What a truly unfortunate situation, but what are the chances that bike is owned by a sophomore? Call a locksmith.

Then there were the complaints

I can hear Ayla out on this one, though. Stop pushing snooze or close your door.

The intriguing question

Honestly, yes. But isn’t there a “squirrels of UNC” page this can be posted on? I am not trying to let my phone die from Facebook notifications.

Things really went down when one post suggested losing stuff is ‘selfish’

Most people didn’t take well to the ‘preachy’ vibe and clapped back

Or this one

Feel free to lose whatever you want, but seriously, I do not need to read about it. Your bracelets are none of my business. Ask the Lenoir staff.

As weird as this month has been in the Class of 2019 Facebook group, the posts were still a nice relief from the stress that is midterm season. Keep on posting useless stuff, UNC.

Also, to those of you who are confused