Why UNC students will miss Michelle Obama

Best. FLOTUS. Ever.

On Tuesday, October 5th Michelle Obama was in Raleigh, North Carolina on the campaign trail for Secretary Clinton. As per usual, Mrs. Obama excited the crowd and encouraged people everywhere to get out and vote. And with that, we asked UNC students why they’ll miss having Mrs. Obama as the FLOTUS.

Sarah, Sophomore, PWAD


“I will miss the poise and class that she carries herself with when the other side is being childish. When they go low, we go high!”

Julia, Sophomore, Chemistry 


“I’m really upset that Michelle Obama isn’t going to be the First Lady anymore. I think she’s been so classy and poised and a really great role model for young kids who look up to her. I hope that she continues to be a prominent figure in America even once she is no longer the First Lady.”

Haylie, Senior, Economics and Management and Society


“I’ll miss Michelle Obama because she was an important role model for young girls (and college age girls). I appreciated her “Let Girls Learn” initiative and hope that the next first lady (or hopefully husband) continues Mrs. Obama’s goal of bringing education to girls worldwide!”

Emily, Junior, Quantitive Biology 


“I’m really going to miss her arms.”

Nisha, Sophomore, Pre-Nursing 


“Literally everything. She’s perfect. I love her. I’m crying.”

Over the past eight years the First Lady has not only encouraged her own kids to grow as people, but kids all over the world to take charge of their education and lives. So to the best First Lady ever, you will be greatly missed.