If midterm season were like football season

From pregaming to tailgating to game time

This week, we have one of the most important games of the year, UNC student vs. midterm! The two will square off wherever they have class this week at way too early of a time. Defending their title, UNC student is hoping to score higher and break that record! Can they do it? Midterm has been preparing for this game for a majority of the semester, so it could go either way.


It may feel like midterm season is early this year, but that’s just because it feels like last midterm season was just yesterday (ahh, remember the good ol’ days). Is anyone else ready?

Here’s how to prepare for midterm season this fall.


As the first part of the game experience, the pregame is where you are getting ready to get ready. That means going to class, actually doing the readings (ok, but at least skim over them a little bit), and asking questions in class. The pregame can consist of books, study partners and multiple PowerPoint slides.



Some people spend all of their time at the tailgate and never even make it to the game. The tailgate for midterm season happens in the library. It will have long hours and many friends, but in the end, you are on your own.


she gave it her all

Drinks should be brought to the tailgate because showing up empty handed would be a rookie mistake. Water, coffee, Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy – whatever it takes to get you pumped for the game, is a necessity. Food could also be a plus, because nothing says tailgate like good food. Careful not to eat anything too crunchy because other people are trying to tailgate too.


Tailgate Outfit

We cannot forget the fashion statement that is made at the tailgate. Something comfortable that says, “I’m here to study” is preferred, meaning the baggiest shirt you can find. Don’t worry about what other people are wearing; just make sure your outfit is in the midterm spirit (which is usually stress mixed with not showering for three days).

The Game

The time has finally come and it’s midterm o’clock. You’ve been pregaming and tailgating for days and you’re ready to win this game! Stay confident, stay spirited and don’t forget a number 2 pencil or a blue book.


UNC student makes a run for the end zone and, oohh, tackled right down to the ground. The teacher’s questions fake left and make a run for it, can UNC student recover?  It seems they can! What an amazing play, it seems they scrapped together all they had left and finished out the game strong.

I’m going to leave the outcome of the game as a “to be continued” (as in, whenever your professor decides to give grades back).

Well, there you have it, folks. Good luck on midterm season and we’ll see you back for the championship game: finals!