We asked Tar Heels about their bucket lists

Partying with Joel Berry is a must

Whether it’s skydiving or just passing your next test, we all have things on our bucket list we can’t wait to cross off.  For the general bucket list, there is a lot of time, but for a UNC bucket list, time is of the essence.

You only have those four years, or more if you’re lucky, to drink from the Old Well, meet all the basketball players, get into the B school, collect at least 20 blue cups– the list goes on (and on and on).

To find out what everyone else is aspiring towards, we asked what’s on the top of people’s bucket list and UNC bucket list because those answers can very pretty drastically.

Francie, first year, pre-business


Bucket list: “Climb at least 10 14-ers (14,000 ft.) in Colorado”

UNC bucket list: “Get involved in at least five clubs”

Rachel, sophomore, journalism 


Bucket list: “Visit every continent”

UNC bucket list: “Go to TOPO”

Marlon, junior, psychology


Bucket list: “Change the world”

UNC bucket list: “Make a lasting impact on campus”

Laurence, sophomore, economics


Bucket list: “Get accepted into the B school”

UNC bucket list: “Jog all the steps at Kenan”

Marek, sophomore, pre-business


Bucket list: “Kiss the prettiest girl in the world…and be happy”

UNC bucket list: “Get into the B school”

Isabella, first year, undecided 


Bucket list: “Travel as much of the world as possible”

UNC bucket list: “Take a break”

Hannah, first year, biology 


Bucket list: “Go skydiving”

UNC bucket list: “Get into the med school”

Daniel, senior, environmental science


Bucket list: “Go skydiving out of a helicopter, not a plane”

UNC bucket list: “Party with Joel Berry”

Yours Truly, junior, journalism


Bucket list: “Go cliff diving”

UNC bucket list: “Hang out with Roy…or at least get a selfie with him”

Seems like we got a lot of big dreamers here on campus. Here’s to everyone crossing something off today!