Female UNC student verbally harassed and followed in front of Spencer dorm

The man demanded she get in the vehicle with him

UNC freshman Victoria Wooten said she was followed and verbally harassed by a man in a van around 4:30 this afternoon.

Wooten was walking from Franklin Street towards Stacy dorm when a man in a minivan slowed down on the street next to her.

“About 30 feet past Spencer, a black male appearing to be in his 60s, with his window rolled down in a ‘beat-up’ beige minivan slowed down to drive closer along as I walked. He called out to me, using sexual terms and commenting on my appearance and told me to get in the vehicle with him.”

When Wooten didn’t reply to him, she said the man brought his vehicle to a complete stop in the middle of the road. Fearing for her safety, Wooten immediately called her mother.┬áThe man “threw his hands up, angry, then drove away.”

She described her experience in a post on the Overheard at UNC Facebook group.

Wooten said a similar incident happened to her roommate, Chloe, last night when a different man slowed down to drive in the lane alongside her.

“Both of us were told to get in the vehicle with them. For her, the man was at least in his 40s and in a big movers like truck.”

Wooten filed a report with UNC DPS shortly after the incident.

“They said that I did the right thing to report it and they want us to feel safe here on campus. Everyone I spoke to was very encouraging, concerned and gentle about it.”