We asked UNC guys which sorority they’d be in

‘Who has the best food?’

With recruitment finally over and new members on the block, everything is right with the world. And with fraternity rush over, everyone has found their “home away from home.”

Post-recruitment, so many guy friends constantly asked me about the whole process and how different houses worked. With that, it got me wondering which houses guys would put themselves in if they had the chance to join a UNC sorority.

So I asked them. Their responses were thoughtful and priceless.

Austin, sophomore, Biology


“AXO – they have very similar personalities that I do. Also, they seem very athletic and everyone likes them.”

Thomas, sophomore, Biomedical Engineering


“ADPi for sure.”

Sean, sophomore, Hispanic Literature and Culture and Global Studies


“I’m gonna say AXO because everyone in that sorority is very social and super kind. The few times I’ve been there for lunch, I’ve gotten along with everyone nicely. If I was a female and offered a bid to AXO, I would probably take it.”

Sky, sophomore, Sociology


“ADPi probably.”

Andrew, junior, Chemistry and French


“I think I’d be Alpha Phi. I’m all about starting new adventures and leaving my mark, being that Alpha Phi is a start-up and these girls are the founding cohort. They’re the new girls in town and already have made their presence well known. They’re tight knit party animals who know how to go wild on the weekends. Not to mention they’re getting a new house that is going to be sick!”

Dray, sophomore, Pre-Business


“Am I obligated to say Kappa? Hmm, is there one that has the best food? Well, I’m not a blonde so I can’t say Zeta. So Kappa Kappa Gamma because everybody’s really nice.”

Thom, freshman, Business


“Kappa Kappa Gamma.”

Fred, senior, Business


Brian, freshman, Political Science


“Chi Omega…their house is huge!”