The dos and don’ts of Carolina football

DO take shots, DON’T take shots by yourself

While we have already had some away games this season, football never feels like it has started until the first home game.

Since the games can be pretty confusing if you don’t understand football, we asked students about the dos and don’ts of Carolina football. Take this knowledge and use it wisely.

Lara, junior


Do: “Wear cute shoes”

Don’t: “Wear heels”

Gisselle, junior


Do: “Go all out”

Don’t: “Wear Duke stuff”

Malin, freshman


Do: “Say ‘Heels’ after first down”

Don’t: “Be on your phone”

Benjamin, freshman


Do: “Wear Carolina blue”

Don’t: “Cheer for the other team”

Meg, junior


Do: “Take Jell-O shots”

Don’t: “Take solo shots”

Francis and Jonathan, juniors


Do: “Body paint”

Don’t: “Forget to bring an empty water bottle”

Isabella, sophomore


Do: “Make it to the game by halftime”

Don’t: “Forget your One Card”

Madison, junior

peep hungry fan in back

Peep hungry fan in back

Do: “Tailgate”

Don’t: “Come any time after the first quarter because you won’t get a seat”

Will, junior


Do: “Tailgate”

Don’t: “Blackout”

There you have it, folks. Everything you need to know about Carolina football protocol. From tailgating advice to spirit advice, everyone seems to be in the loop on what’s best for this season.

See everyone at the next game and you better not be a “don’t.”