Football season is really just tailgate season at UNC

Let’s face it, UNC is really only known for one sport and football isn’t it

Fall means crunchy leaves, plaid shirts and football season… or if you’re from UNC, just tailgating season.

Most schools treat football season like a religious observance full of ritual, tradition and full-on heavy commitment. Yeah, there’s school starting and going on, but the real reason for the season comes on Saturdays.

Let’s face it, UNC is really only known for one sport and football isn’t it. All the other schools get to enjoy this intense school pride, and I’ll admit I can be a little jealous sometimes, but then I remember we have basketball season and I feel a little better.

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For UNC, we can still get into the football season, but more than anything, people come out for the tailgates – these could also be considered a pregame where there is actually a game about to happen.

Instead of listing off all the awesome things about football season, here are some awesome things to look forward to about tailgating season.


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If you’re not wearing a black t-shirt dress or khaki shorts, are you really at a tailgate? At UNC, we all know it’s more of a classy event to attend a tailgate (well, classy may be a strong word) but an outfit is not complete unless it could pass at a BBQ with many relatives or a country concert. And let’s not forget, you must be wearing something Carolina blue at all times, because even if you don’t make it to the game, you still have to support your Heels.

Location (Location, Location)

As college students, the majority of these infamous tailgates can be found on the front lawn of a fraternity house. Can’t you smell the fresh grass and old cigarettes now? Here, we spend the few hours, some way more than others, before the game starts and even through the game if you have a TV big enough and lack of motivation to walk all the way to Keenan, especially when its 1000 degrees outside.

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If you’re not on a fraternity’s lawn, you’re probably in an air-conditioned apartment with friends, but still standing in a circle in your country-concert-attire. Also, this is a low-key way to tailgate before the trek south.

And, we cannot forget the lines of families who tailgate out of the SUV’s with Bojangles and a football. Good for them for keeping it family friendly. Have any biscuits to spare?

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Food and beverage

I’m sure everyone is excited to get back to Bush and Natty Lights, but we all know the tailgate is real if mac and cheese is present. Shout out to the fans that come out for the food. Of course, Bojangles is the ultimate jackpot, but always coming in with these high hopes will only lead to let down

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Oh, yeah… the game

Whether you stay for the whole game, only a quarter or two or never even make it, football can be a great way to cheer on the Heels and get in the school spirit, but we all know at UNC, football season is really just the after party to tailgate season.

Sorry football players, you’re really awesome and it’s not you, it’s us… Well, maybe a little bit you. We’re just so set in our ways there’s really no getting us out of it.