Someone vandalized the former UNC College Republicans chairman’s car

‘FEEL THE BERN’ was written in peanut butter across the side

Someone has vandalized former UNC College Republicans chairman Frank Pray’s car.

The words “Feel the Bern” were smeared in peanut butter across the side of the vehicle, an orange was stuck in the tailpipe and an anti-fracking sign was stuck on the windshield.

Pray’s car was parked at his apartment complex off of MLK Boulevard. Around 10am today, he went outside and discovered it had been vandalized.

On the Overheard at UNC Facebook group, Pray, a junior at UNC, posted the photo with the caption: “To whatever idiot shoved something in my tailpipe and put this on the side of my car, I’m probably calling the police. Vandalism isn’t funny, it’s a crime.”

Because the incident occurred off-campus, heĀ filed a police report with CHPD.

Pray added: “In general, most students at UNC, even those with whom I disagree, are respectful and like to engage in meaningful discussion.

“It’s unfortunate and ridiculous that some students on our campus are incapable of adhering to basic standards of decency like respecting people’s free speech rights and property.

“Unfortunately for whoever did this, it is not the first time that I have been targeted for advocating for my beliefs, and I’m not going to stop just because they decided to be a terrible person.”