UNC College Republicans deny transphobic Facebook messages

‘We would never, ever threaten another student’

UNC College Republicans have denied allegations that transphobic messages were sent from their Facebook page to a transgender UNC student seeking their support in denouncing HB2.

A Reddit user named TarheelTransgender posted the screenshot below claiming they received offensive Facebook messages from the UNC College Republicans.

The Reddit post read: “As a NC resident, I’ve been trying to contact my school’s College Republicans to help repeal HB-2, but their reply was disgusting…”

Some members of the Overheard at UNC Facebook group doubted the legitimacy of the photo.

College Republicans chairman Hayden Vick said: “We have no record in our messages of any of our club officers or members sending this or writing these comments.

“I want to personally apologize for the mixup and any harm its caused you or any of your friends because this is NOT what we stand for as a club…in addition, we would never, ever threaten another student.”