What to expect when caddying for Senior Bar Golf

You would never actually be allowed on a golf course in these outfits

Before the debauchery of LDOC and the impending doom of graduation, seniors have one big “college” thing left to do – and that is Senior Bar Golf.

It’s a rite of passage. It’s one of the last times we get to go to all of our favorite Franklin Street bars and give none of the cares to our Friday responsibilities. It’s a time to dress up in a ridiculous outfit and behave in a way we can only really condone in our early 20s.

If you’re not a senior – but you are 21 (drink responsibly, folks!) – you may have been asked to caddy. You’re probably wondering what that even means. Do I hold my best friend’s purse like it’s her golf bag? Am I just there to take care of her in case she has one Long Island too many? What do I wear? Is it really OK that I am crashing a senior event?


Fear not. I am here to provide answers to your endless questions.

Last spring, I was a Bar Golf caddy for my best friend. I was barely 21 – still relatively new to the bar scene in Chapel Hill – and had no idea what to expect. Needless to say, the experience was nothing like my expectations. To ease you into the experience, here are a few pointers for all of you newbies.

Dress up

Everyone out on this night will be in some ridiculous form of golf attire that would likely never be allowed on a golf course. A Lilly skirt and Jack Rogers? Go for it. A sweater tied around your shoulders? On any normal night out, you’d look like a preppy second grade teacher. But tonight? You’ll fit right in.

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Wear comfy shoes

Sandals? Yes. Keds? Absolutely. Tennis shoes? Probably. I only say this because you’ll be out for a while and standing is no fun. Plus, how often can you get away with wearing Keds to a bar and still get hit on by that guy from your Spanish class?

Go early

Bars will be crowded and you’ll likely never make it to every single one. But don’t get discouraged. You’ll stand in line for a while, but it’s well worth the wait.

Support your golfer

Avoid the Fishbowl at R&R. It’s low points for a reason – which is why you should not get your own. Getting your own will likely have you not being able to feel your face, running into the arms of your recent ex and blatantly telling your golfer to “catch up!”

You are the caddy. You are not the senior. Remember that. You’ll get your moment next year, little one.


When it’s over, cheese fries are a must. Everyone’s a winner in bar golf, so make sure to celebrate with your golfer over a basket of fries at Linda’s or Sup Dogs. Graduation is coming, and you can’t do this together much longer.