We take our Carolina Basketball superstitions seriously

*knock on wood*

When it comes to UNC basketball, I’m SUPERstitious.

During the last d00k game, all of my roommates had certain things they were and were not allowed to do. None of us were allowed to wear our jerseys, because we wore them the first time we played Duke and lost. One of my roommates had two Carolina face stickers, one for each cheek. This game, she was allowed one.


A friend of mine wore her jersey, but she went to the game in Cameron. I’m a little convinced the jersey had a home-court disadvantage. And when I’m watching the game, there will be no mention of “we’re going to win” until we’ve got it down to 30 seconds or less and a hefty lead.

Throughout this tournament, I feel like I’ve been knocking on wood every two minutes.

See a post on Overheard about how someone put money on UNC to win it all? *knock on wood*

Receive an email about class being cancelled or a test being postponed next Tuesday? *knock on wood*


Nothing in this tournament is definite, and nothing can be said with full confidence. I told a friend who does not go to UNC about all of these superstitions and my game rituals. She responded: “Oh, well CLEARLY it was you who made the difference.”

As funny as it is, she doesn’t quite get it. Any time I tell people at UNC about this, or shun them for speaking too bluntly about our chances tonight, they pause and say: “you’re right.”

To an extent, we are all equally superstitious. We all have certain shirts we consider “lucky” and we all have pre-game rituals we adhere to. If we do anything even remotely different and we lose, it’s on us.


That being said, good luck tonight boys. I know you’ll do great…knock on wood.