The decision to postpone the 8am STOR 155 exam tomorrow has been reversed

Now we’re invested

Update, 3.10pm: Biology professor Ken Lohmann has commented on the reversal.

“My view is that academics is the priority at UNC and the main reason that people come here, but we should also encourage students to recognize special opportunities and participate in interesting, potentially memorable experiences. ¬†On balance, I do not think that postponing an exam scheduled for the morning after the national basketball championship will compromise the academic mission of the university, so I am sympathetic to the request.”


In a stunning turn of events, STOR 155 professor Dylan Glotzer, along with the UNC Statistics Department, has reversed the decision to postpone the 8am exam tomorrow.

In their original email, the department said: “Given the large number of emails requesting a change of date for the exam, we have given Dylan the permission to change the midterm date if no one in the class objects to the change.” And apparently someone objected.

MC Farrington – by this point, you probably know her as “petition girl” – weighed in on the reversal.

“I’m disappointed but I understand. I applaud the professors for attempting to be flexible – ultimately he made a fair decision.”

Sneaky, sneaky Stats department. As Daggum Roy would say: “It’s been a daggum whirlwind of a day.”