What I’ll miss most about my freshman year at UNC

A fourth of the way done with college is a fourth too much

With less then a month left of my freshman year of college, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much I’m going to actually miss being a freshman. All I ever heard this year was: “Oh, you’re lucky to be a freshman, I wish I could go back.” I now understand why.

This will soon be a year filled with firsts that I won’t get back. Here are the things I’ll miss most about freshman year at Carolina.

My roommate


This is a given. I was #blessed with a pretty awesome roommate. Not only does she steal food from the Agora for me, but she’s also down to Netflix and help me Chemistry. She’s been my biggest supporter this year and best friend.

I’m going to miss being less than 10 feet away from her every day online shopping and ordering random things. Hopefully one day we’ll use the “tomato corer” I’m pretty sure we lost the day after we received it.

The P2P

I’m sure I haven’t had my last ride on the P2P, but this little bus played a huge role in my life this year. Not only did it get me places, but it got my bestie down in South Campus up to Granville safely. I can’t tell you what I’ll miss more – the obnoxiously drunk riders or the bus coming 10 minutes after NextBus says it’ll come.

Being a Little during Big/Little reveal


My favorite part about joining a sorority was meeting my big, Kylie. Not only has she turned into my closest and best friend at Carolina, but she has constantly spoiled me since day one. I will definitely miss the loads of gifts she gave me during Big/Little Week, but thankfully I won’t have to miss the weekly coffee dates and life advice I will be getting the rest of my time at UNC.

101-level classes

There is nothing scarier than a class higher than the 100-level. Not only is 101 technically easier, it’s also the opening gate to so many different fields. Whether it’s Psychology 101 turning you into Psych major or Biology 101 turning you away from being a Pre-Med major, 101 classes are definitely a big point of freshman year. And honestly, 101 classes have the best professors (Freeman, ily).

The dining hall

As much as I like to complain about the dinning hall, I honestly have really enjoyed the dining hall experience. Not only is smoothie day the best day ever, but goofing off in the Agora with friends is always a fun time. And the pancakes are SO GOOD.

Trying to find my way around


There’s nothing I’ll miss more than walking into a lecture class trying to find my way into Hamilton Hall (yes, this happened) then awkwardly walking all the way through to get out. Hopefully by next year I’ll figure out my way in and out of buildings.


I had a pretty great RA this year. She loves to leave candy and notes of encouragement on our doors every once in a while, and that helps me get through the bad days. Also, one time she ordered pizza and gave me a piece – pizza is the way to any girl’s heart.

The free passes

Freshman year is filled with free passes. I’m going to miss hearing: “She’s a freshman – she doesn’t know any better.” Whether you’re going out, turning in a paper late or missing class, the classic “I’m still adjusting” excuse will save you 9 out of 10 times.

Brice and Marcus


Courtesy of WCNC (peep Marcus in the back)

There’s nothing I’ll miss more than Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige. These two have made my first year as a Carolina student absolutely amazing. I’ve truly learned what March Madness is and I’ve also learned how heated I can get over a basketball game. These two have done so many great things for Carolina, and I’ll miss seeing them run up and down the Dean Dome floor next year.


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My first day back in my hometown will remind me of how much I miss Carolina. I’ve found a true home at UNC and I’ll miss that while I’m away this summer (maybe more than Brice and Marcus…just maybe). I’ve made some of the most incredible friends through Kappa and Granville, and leaving them and this beautiful campus for three months will break my heart.

So as my the first fourth of my Carolina career comes to a close, I’ll be sure to make as many last minute memories as I can. Whether it’s Netflix nights with my roommate, formal with my sisters or Dance Marathon with my friends, I’ll be sure to live in the moment and enjoy every aspect of what is freshman year.