I ate all of the queso in Chapel Hill and found the best

If I could marry a bowl of queso, I probably would

My love for cheese is undeniable. If you ask my favorite type of cuisine, I will answer Mexican every time. When you put the two together, I am in heaven – a place where I imagine fountains and rivers overflow with queso, you can eat your weight in chips and you never gain an ounce.

If I could marry a bowl of queso, I probably would. Seriously, what could be better than lounging around for the rest of my life with a bowl of melted cheese? That’s right. Nothing.  Which is why I felt qualified to hunt down, eat and report back on the best spots in Chapel Hill to munch on chips and cheese any time, day or night.

Cinco de Mayo

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.36.53 PM

Cinco, as it is colloquially shortened to, is my home away from home. While I am certain there were patrons before us, my friends and I like to think we discovered this gem tucked away on the corner of E. Franklin and Estes Drive. Sadly, I must report their queso did not out do the rest.

The cheese was perfectly cheesy. A little on the thin side – you have to soak your chip a little longer – but the price was on point. For less than $4, you can eat all the chips and salsa you want, in addition to a bowl of queso to split. If this were a Gallup poll, 10/10 would recommend.

Cosmic Cantina

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.42.18 PM

Cosmic and Cinco have very similar queso – no spice, just cheese. However, Cosmic is the prime stop for late-night queso on Franklin Street in downtown Chapel Hill. Open until 4am on the weekends – including Thursday for all you CFD-ers and Throwback Thursday goers – Cosmic will gladly fill your void for melted cheese for less than $6.



If I were ranking them by the quality of cheese, Bandidos would definitely tie with Cosmic and Cinco. It’s your basic queso – still delicious, but doesn’t stand out among the rest. However, what Bandidos lacks in the uniqueness of its cheese, it makes up for with chips and its convenient location on Franklin.

Covered in spices and often fun colors, the chips are endless. For less than $4, you could keep ’em coming all night if you wish – but only with salsa.

Armadillo Grill


Sitting on the patio in Carrboro, I discovered yet another delectable queso. I know what you’re thinking – it’s not in Chapel Hill per se, and yes, I may have cheated a little, but it was well worth it.

Spicier than those that came before it, Armadillo queso truly stands alone. But the best thing about it is that it comes as a part of your meal – no extra fee for melted cheese. Should we picket for all queso everywhere to be included with our meal? Because that’s a cause I can get behind.


Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.39.03 PM

Before this adventure, I had never been to Monterey. But nestled behind a construction site on Elliot Road, I think I have found a new favorite. There was just the right amount of cheese to pepper. It was mildly spicy – something I truly enjoy if you haven’t figured this out yet.

Sadly, when you only order queso, they charge for chips and salsa. On a college budget, I still haven’t decided if $8 is worth the spicy goodness that is Monterey queso. Maybe I can splurge every once in a while?

Now, go eat all of the cheese. Please.