Your guide to proper library etiquette during midterms

Step one: stop drooling on the tables

Picture this: you’re sitting in Davis cramming for a midterm worth half of your grade, when suddenly your focus is lost. You hear it before you see it – a loud cackle of someone talking on the phone. Your focus is gone, you fail your exam and the world implodes.

This happens so frequently we decided to make a guide to proper library etiquette during midterm season. The Tab UNC spoke to a few Davis dwellers to get a basic idea of the dos and don’ts of studying in the library.


Anna Griffin said her biggest pet peeve is when people have loud, obnoxious conversations with their friends. Keep it at a whisper, unlike the girls yelling about the basketball tickets they just got.

Sophomore Ace Motas said he hates when a single person takes up an entire study room in Davis. Zach Soberano told us his pet peeve is “when people leave all their crap everywhere or leave a table or room trashed.”

To my surprise, no one I spoke to said talking on the phone was the worst thing to do. But they all relatively agreed on the worst thing that they had done in the library: eating loudly.

I think we all can attest to the fact that chip-eating is about the loudest thing possible in the relative silence of the library, but can eating really be avoided? Maybe it’s the chip manufacturers’ fault for making such terrible bags filled with air.

In regards to their library of choice, both Zach and Anna said the UL because of its hours and abundance of Mac computers aside from just PCs. Ace on the other hand said Davis was his “second home.” Amen to that.

We also asked the three students about the worst, most distracting thing they’ve seen in the library.

Ace said: “I’ve witnessed multiple people set alarms as they’re getting ready to take a nap, and the alarms would go off really loudly, causing a big distraction to everyone.”


Anna answered: “Watching Netflix during finals week. Save the library for people who really need to study.”

And finally, Zach said: “Someone fell asleep and drooled all over the table.”

All in all, the library is a place to study and get stuff done. I think the biggest “do” of proper library etiquette is respecting other’s space and need for quiet. If you want a more chill environment, head to the UL or the first/second floor of Davis.

Everyone I spoke to agreed Wilson is too scary to do much of anything in. Keep on studying, UNC.

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