I asked my friends to explain their old Facebook statuses

~comment ur favorite memory of us below~

Some people enjoy sitting outside reading a book in their free time, while others like to stay in bed and watch Netflix. I prefer scrolling through Facebook commenting Minion memes on all my friend’s posts. And hands down, my favorite posts are ones ending in “2009.”

2009 was a scary year for all of us. The haircuts, the makeup and the outfits alone were cringeworthy. This was the year most of us started to use Facebook, and this was the year we all love to make fun of the most.

For your enjoyment, I’ve collected some of the best, most embarrassing Facebook posts of my funniest friends over the years, including some of my own. I hope you cringe as much as I did.

Ally Dombroski


I mean first off, that’s a little concerning. Has much changed? Probably not.

Damn it, Ally. How dare you.

Nikki Wallace


I honestly don’t remember watching the Christmas Carol with you, but I bet we had tons of fun.

I mean, I hope I called her back.

Sean Kurz


But this is still retable because naps are a Carolina student’s best friend.

I’d have to agree with you on that one, Sean.

Me, Nisha Vellappan


Why did I think Facebook cared about everything?

…middle school me was the worst.

Whether you like to kick babies or inform people about the colors of your room, Facebook is definitely THE place to go. Next time you’re just hanging out, jump on Facebook and see what your friends were thinking back in the good ole days, it might surprise you. Or not.