Let’s take a moment to appreciate the best of #dookfans

‘#dookfans let the dogs out’

Today is the day, folks. UNC will take on Duke in the Dean Dome at 9pm tonight in everyone’s favorite rivalry game.

But the beauty of a rivalry is the excitement isn’t limited to the court. Twitter is a beautiful place to let out all of the anger and frustration we feel towards #dookfans.

In case you haven’t already had enough hatred for Duke this morning, or in case you don’t have a Twitter (read: live under a rock) take a look at some of our favorite #dookfans tweets.

I could make a New Jersey joke, but this speaks for itself.

Like, what do they do with all those pockets?


I knew it had to be a d00kie.

Turn on iMessage or get out.

No, Dook fans, he’s just an incredible rapper.

Lizzie McGuire would have never gone to Duke.

It’s a comforting font. Maybe it keeps them from having nightmares about all the gargoyles?


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