The worst Duke players of all time and why we love to hate them

Remember when Gerald Henderson gave Hansbrough a bloody nose? We do.

It’s no secret – we love to hate Duke. In preparation of Saturday’s match against the Blue Devils, we decided to help y’all get into the right mindset.

Here’s a little rundown of all the worst Dukies and why it’s so easy to hate them.

Danny Ferry, 1985-1989

Ferry was one of Coach K’s early favorites. They were an obnoxious duo that just made you cringe.

Quin Snyder, 1985-1989

Snyder had the arrogant look that makes UNC fans seethe. And he had unnecessary perfect hair, like the next pretty boy.

Christian Laettner, 1988-1992

Arguably the most despised college basketball player ever (he even has his own 30 for 30 documentary), Laettner was extremely cocky and played with a dirty edge. He could get away with nearly anything on the court – and he knew it.

Brian Davis, 1988-1992

Laettner’s college roommate and even guiltier by association, Davis displayed similar patterns as Laettner.

Bobby Hurley, 1989-1993

Hurley was infamous for his annoying floor-slapping. Hurley hasn’t changed a bit and he’s still getting ejected from games. Most recently, he got ejected from the Arizona State vs. Arizona game in what CBS referred to as the “best ejection of the year.”

Chris Collins, 1992-1996

Collins was arrogant, entitled and gave into his bad temper. He always acted like he was better than he was, which made him that much more irritating.

Steve Wojciechowski, 1994-1998

Wojciechowski was so famously hated at UNC, we gave him the endearing nickname “Wojo.” Plus, no one ever knew how to say his name anyway – there’s something he and Krzyzewski could bond over. Wojo was also known for his floor-slapping. He really knew how to get under your skin.

Shane Battier, 1997-2001

Battier loved Coach K and Coach K loved him. That in and of itself was enough to make you want to vomit. Plus, every time Battier was guarded by a UNC player, the Cameron Crazies would shout, “Who’s your daddy?” at us. And that made you hate him even more.

J.J. Redick, 2002-2006

Who doesn’t remember JJ and his gargantuan ego? Or how right before he went around a screen, he’d throw his defender the opposite direction without ever getting caught.

Gerald Henderson, 2006-2009

We all remember when Henderson slugged Tyler Hansbrough on our home court and the absolute uproar that eruptedĀ in the Dean Dome that night – but we also remember how it drove us to secure the ACC Championship that same year. Nice try, bud. Described by a UNC alum as a “total thug,” it’s too easy to hate Henderson.

Greg Paulus, 2006-2009

Paulus’s cockiness is what puts him on the list as one of the most hated Duke players. He was also an obnoxious flopper. Even so, we loved the epic moment when Danny Green destroyed him with an overhead dunk. And NFL superstar Peyton Manning was right there to witness it.

Jon Scheyer, 2006-2010

Scheyer always had an opinion about the refs’ calls, and it was always clearly expressed on his gaping face. He would obnoxiously overreact to every “wrong call.”

Austin Rivers, 2011-2012

Rivers told the press he wore the number 0 because of the “ice in his veins” and that he would destroy all of his opponents because he was so “cool under pressure.” I’m sorry, what?

Grayson Allen, 2014-present

Allen is known for his traveling and tripping. Enough said.

Come Saturday, we’ll see if anyone should be added to this list. Doubtful, though. After all, it’s hard to hate someone who can’t beat you.

Go to hell Duke.