There is a teacup pug wearing a tutu in the Pit

This is not a drill

Whatever plans you have before 2pm today, cancel them. Because there is a teacup pug in the Pit.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, UNC’s chapter of Nourish International will be in the Pit until 2pm hosting “MUGS AND PUGS,” packing mugs with information about healthy relationships and other awesome items – basically any combination of chocolate kisses, hot cocoa, tea and Valentine’s candy.


For only $4, you can make a mug for yourself, your significant other, or a stranger on the street – spread the love, folks.

Proceeds from today’s event will benefit Nourish’s summer project in Uganda, in which Nourish is partnering with Mountains of Hope in Mpigi, Uganda, to assist with a female hygiene program.


If you’re not convinced yet, you also get to hang out with, have a photo shoot, and obsess over Presley – the teacup pug also known as my new Valentine.

What could be a better way to get through hump day than snuggling a pug in tutu and supporting a great cause? That’s right, nothing. Nothing is better than this.


Seriously, I think Cupid shot me through the heart because I’m in love.