A golden retriever puppy named Scout is this week’s big pet on campus

He loves long walks in the park

Meet Scout, the 11-week-old golden retriever from Charlotte, NC. He has captured the hearts of those around him with his high-pitched bark and glossy chestnut eyes.

His owner, Macie Flynn, is a sophomore at UNC. Look out for Scout in the Pit today from 3-5pm as he takes on Chapel Thrill.

Favorite activities

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Playing in the park. His favorite park is Freedom Park in Charlotte where he enjoys stealing tennis balls from other dogs.


Taking baths. While this may not be his favorite activity, he gets a 30-minute blowout session afterwards. He’s spoiled.



And road trips. Scout lodges himself onto the dashboard where he snoozes every¬†car ride away. But, he won’t be able to do this for much longer as he is expected to grow to be 85 pounds.


Naturally, he also enjoys sticking his head out the window to catch a breath of fresh air.

Favorite spot to sleep


Under the dining room table. As the Flynn family gathers for dinner, Scout enjoys a cat nap right by their feet.

Best trick


Shaking hands. Impressive note: he’s ambidextrous.

Favorite place to swim


Lake Norman. He took a two-second dip into the lake last week, but those eyes show how cold the water was.

You can follow all of his daily shenanigans on his Instagram, @scout_the_pupp.