We asked UNC gals what Santa is bringing them

‘I want some new gold bracelets and to lose 20lbs’

Have you been naughty or nice?

We asked UNC students what they want for Christmas.

Marie Claire, senior

Kindle, clothes, a novel from the bestseller list, a lightweight travel duffle that rolls.

Haylie, junior

Nothing. I don’t celebrate it. But I got boots for Hanukkah.

Kira, senior

If anyone wants to make my student loans disappear, that’d be cool.

Catherine, senior

Clothes. Lots and lots of clothes. Usually I just go shopping with my mom and she wraps up a few things and says “this is for Christmas.” But I’m very curious what’s in the small Hermès bag with my name on it.

Caitie, senior

Athleta clothes, earphones and a vacuum cleaner.

Caroline, sophomore

Hmm, I want jewelry and clothes.

Becky, senior

I asked for a Goyard bag. I probably will not get that. I want some new gold bracelets and to lose 20lbs. But I never usually make a list. My mom just surprises me.

Candace, junior

I’m not getting presents this year. We’re going to Disney…so I guess that’s what I asked for.

Nicole, junior

Lulu clothes.

McCaul, post-grad

Literally asking for socks and a mattress topper. Being a post-grad is hard.

Merry Christmas, y’all!