The best of ‘finals week’ Yik Yaks

‘Would take a razor scooter to the ankle in exchange for finals to be over’

Finals are a time when our study skills, stamina and productiveness are put to the test. They can also bring out your inner comedian. I spent some of my time procrastinating by searching through Yik Yak and finding the funniest and most relatable posts about finals week at UNC.

As finals start, they usually begin with a small amount of confidence that slowly dwindles as the days go on. Instead of using every waking moment to study, we instead use these valuable minutes trying to calculate the lowest possible grade we can get on an exam to warrant a passing grade.


Finals are also a time to reminisce on the entire semester as a whole.

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You finally decide to find your study spot in Davis or the UL. Next, you open your computer to the dreaded study guide.


Much like the cycle of grief, there is a bargaining stage during finals. Students think of all the possible things they could do in exchange for no exams.

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Some of us may have experience with Google Docs. While they can be extremely helpful and motivating, when over 50 people are cramming for exams, hostility may ensue.


After a major study session, you suddenly feel like you’re a scholar on whatever subject you’ve been relearning in the library for the past six hours. No really, ask me about Europe’s political structure during the 14th through 18th century. I’m an “expert” now.


You start taking a few exams and feel like you’re getting the hang of everything, but then you start getting grades back.


And when you’re not getting grades back, you are anxiously waiting for the schools “72 hour rule” to take action. Really though, is it 72 hours or 72 business hours? I need answers.


Winter break seems so close, yet so far away. Holidays seem to be on the brain for many studying students.


Late nights in the library can conjure up the most poetic images.

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When the “72 hour rule” is finally enacted, you reluctantly log on to Connect Carolina and find the grades tab to reveal your fate.

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As you read your grades, you have a flashback to the first day of classes when you stood in line to drink from the Old Well. So much for that 4.0.

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At the end of the day, we are all extremely lucky to be able to study at UNC. While social media can sometimes be a breeding ground for negativity, we shouldn’t forget positive and motivational moments that may bring a laugh or smile to students during the dark time known as finals week.


Good work on finals and enjoy your much deserved winter break, Tar Heels.