A letter to the person who steals my unassigned-assigned seat

‘There is an understood seating chart, an understood order’

To the worst kind of person,

You? Yes, you. You know who you are, and every student has come across someone like you. It’s as if you do it on purpose.

You wait until the perfect moment, usually around midterms, and then you strike. You want to change things, shake them up, give yourself a new perspective. In order to do this, you take the seat your classmate has definitely marked as “theirs.”


Sure, there aren’t “assigned” seats. But there is an understood seating chart, an understood order, and you just messed it up.

Coming from someone who is left-handed, you are the worst kind of person. There are usually only a few seats in the entire room catered to my kind, and it’s almost like you take pleasure in taking that away from me.

I finally find one of those seats and claim it as my own for the semester, and you take it away from me. Take Carroll for example: there are probably 400 seats and 20 of them might be left-handed. If you’ve ever had to write in a desk that isn’t suited for your dominant hand, then maybe you can sympathize.


Do you have any idea how hard it is to be a lefty in a righty’s world? No? Didn’t think so.

I’ll get comfortable in my desk for the semester, get used to learning there and get accustomed to the perfect way to take notes from this vantage point. And then boom, it’s gone. You’ve swooped in and taken it away.

I thought everyone knew you perform the best in class and on exams if you are in the same seat you’ve been in all semester. Remember, next time you take someone’s seat, you could be costing them a good grade.

You do this to us, then we have to be the bad guy. We have to take someone else’s seat to try to get the closest thing to what we lost. It never works. It’s not the same, and it just pisses off the next person. It’s a domino effect of people having to move and readjust.


And as soon as we’ve readjusted, just in time for finals, you want to change it up and do it again.


Everyone you’ve ever taken a desk from.

UNC national-us