We asked about your family’s weird Thanksgiving traditions

‘My dad climbs a Magnolia tree’

Thanksgiving break is right around the corner, so The Tab asked Tar Heels if their families have any weird traditions to look forward to this holiday season.

Most were surprisingly normal and said they only eat dinner and watch football. No fun. However, a few students shared interesting (and maybe a little weird) traditions.

Elizabeth, freshman, PWAD


“We start watching Christmas movies during Thanksgiving. So like, we like to kick off the holiday season with Elf.”

Anna, junior, Global Studies


“My dad climbs a Magnolia tree. He goes all the way up to the top and we go as high as we can.”

Kesha, junior, Exercise and Sports Science


“We play video games.”

Alex, freshman, Global Studies


“We go water skiing on Thanksgiving. It’s warm at home.”

Conner, senior, Global Studies


“We eat dinner at like 3.30pm so we eat a super early dinner. We eat dessert at like 8pm on Christmas Eve. We have a family tradition that we can never eat any meat. It’s not a religious thing, it’s just a family tradition. We eat the same thing every year – it’s like spaghetti with clam sauce.”

Anna, junior, Chemistry


“We do big breakfasts with breakfast burritos and other nontraditional Thanksgiving food and then we eat dinner at 3.30pm.”

The Tab wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Spend time with your family, eat great food, watch some football and Go Heels.