How to save your rapidly decreasing meal plan swipes

The number of papers is going up and the number of swipes is going down

As the semester comes to an end, the majority of students are thinking about things like finals, papers and their GPA. However, there are the select few who have one big thing on their minds: how am I supposed to eat with only 15 swipes left?

These are the brave souls who didn’t think about swipes as they casually entered the dining halls with their friends when the year first kicked off. Now that the days are dwindling, they have to figure out how to keep 15 swipes until they can leave campus for home-cooked meals and easier access to food.

If you find yourself facing this problem, here’s a few ways to keep your stomach full.

Take full advantage of a swipe

Before you leave, grab a banana or an apple for the next day. You could also grab some cereal in a to-go cup so instead of swiping in for breakfast, you have a meal ready to go in your dorm.


Bottom of Lenoir

The bottom of Lenoir has loads of options from Chick-fil-A to Subway. If you’re looking to grab something and run, hit up bottom of Lenoir and save a swipe.

Download U Connection and hit Franklin Street

U Connection is this neat app that gives you coupons to certain restaurants on Franklin Street. Using a deal like that, you wouldn’t have to worry about a swipe for dinner.

Did someone say ramen?

Sadly, the broke college ramen stereotype is typically true. But you don’t always have to settle for ramen. Now there’s microwavable anything, from mac and cheese to soup to even mashed potatoes. Maybe pair it with that banana you stole from the Agora?


Order a pizza

Pizza is always the way to go. Whether it’s Toppers or Papa Johns, you can’t ever go wrong with pizza. Share it with your roommate or save some for another meal. Either way it’s a win-win.

Ask for someone to swipe you in

Another way to get into the cafeteria is to see if someone can swipe you in. The first person to ask is your roommate, and the last resort would be Yik Yak. But hey, a meal swipe is a swipe right.

There are plenty of great options on and off campus for you to choose from. Remember, the best way to ace your next test is on a full, healthy stomach.