How to avoid the winter blues at UNC

Access to at least one puppy at all times is crucial

As the cold weather begins to set in (well, cooler temperatures at least) and the days grow continually colder, students are feeling down and starting to become antisocial. We all know the symptoms – struggling to get out of bed, taking excessive naps, increasing sluggishness and mountain-sized carb cravings.

We’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be like that.


Whatever you do, do not binge watch Netflix alone. Nothing against binge watching Netflix, but make sure you have a partner, and definitely don’t do it in your bed. Speaking of beds, keep napping to a minimum and only do it at socially acceptable hours of the day.


Hot chocolate should be a weekly routine. This is the same as soup, Starbucks, pizza and queso. These foods have been proven to improve your mood – it’s just a fact. Make them a weekly part of your diet, and you’ll be skipping all over campus.

Almost as important as these happiness-inducing foods is to make sure you get some puppy time. Whether it’s going over to a friend’s house or going to the local animal shelter, puppy¬†playtime is key when the cold starts to set in.


Invest in at least three good pair of fuzzy socks. These are of utmost importance when you’re on campus and away from your bed for hours at a time. They make it feel like you are walking on a cloud. Remember: the cozier, the happier.

Try not to skimp on your workout routine. Making physical activity a part of your regular routine is the key to avoiding sluggishness and keeping you happy and productive. As Elle Woods said: “Exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy!”


If you’re feeling a serious lack of Vitamin D, turn up the heat in your room, turn on all the lights, change into your favorite bathing suit and have a beach day, sunscreen and all. Just lay a towel out on your floor, turn on some ocean sounds, throw on your shades and get a good book. It’s a close second to the real thing.


Lucky for us, the winter season isn’t too long. So bundle up, snuggle in and get ready for the cold.