ED SHEERAN was on campus last night

He actually IS here

Ed Sheeran¬†was spotted at He’s Not Here bar in Chapel Hill last night.

The English singer-songwriter and long-time Taylor Swift BFF was enjoying himself, surrounded by girls as he downed multiple blue cups. He was wearing a Duke shirt, so the star wasn’t doing a great job of blending in.


Photo credit: Elizabeth Davis

Some groupies followed him as he moved to Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, and he later chowed down on a wrap from B’Skis. Why he would choose B’Skis instead of Toppers after a night of drinking? We couldn’t tell you.

His tour starts on November 18th in Los Angeles, so he was clearly trying to relax before the madness begins.

But Ed, we can’t help but think out loud and ask why you couldn’t have just played a couple songs while you were here?