Where to brunch in Chapel Hill, depending on your emotional state

If you wake up drunk and want to keep drinking, R&R bottomless mimosas are the cure

Brunch is a Sunday staple for every UNC student, but the right location can vary greatly depending on your emotional state.

Whether you’re trying to impress your significant other’s parents or mooching off your own parents, we’ve got the rundown of the perfect places to chow down (or drink up) on Sunday morning.

The Carolina Inn

When your parents are in town and you won’t feel guilty about putting a $40 meal on their card.

The campus’ elitist hotel is a 4-star hotel for many reasons, one of which is the food. Their Sunday Brunch menu includes everything from Duck Confit & Sweet Potato Hash to Fluffy Duff pancakes. Sorry for the not-so-cheap bill, Mom and Dad, but we have to take advantage of y’all’s presence while we can.

R&R Grill

If you wake up drunk and you want to keep drinking.

We agree with @taramo that you can’t let Monday ruin your Sunday, and spending the morning at R&R is the perfect way to subtly keep Saturday night’s buzz buzzing. With bottomless mimosas and pitcher specials on Sundays, there’s really no better way to drink off a Sunday morning hangover.


If your entire clique is brunching at the same time and you need a 12-top table ASAP.

Even though the line may appear long, you’ll actually be seated in ten minutes, max. You won’t even be bored because the vast array of UNC sports posters will keep you entertained. Rumors of a location change have been flying, so we will enjoy the historic location where our parents brunched while they were students while we can.

Bull Street Gourmet and Market in Durham

If you wake up with the worst moral hangover ever and decide you’re going on a permanent cleanse.

But hold the bread on that order, please, because the zero-carb diet starts literally right now.

Carolina Coffee Shop

If you want to take last night’s hook-up to brunch but don’t want to be seen.

It’s located just far enough down E. Franklin St. to make the chances of running into your friends extremely low. The dimmed lights provide a romantic setting that won’t blow your cover while you still remain chivalrous. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Merritt’s Store and Grill

If you want to take last night’s hook up to brunch and want everyone to see you.

You can’t go to Merritt’s without seeing at least fifteen people you know, so if you’re looking to show off last night’s achievement, this is your place. Merritt’s is arguably the most iconic breakfast spot in the Hill partly due to it’s exposure on @foodintheair, but more so for it’s legendary BLTs and quick service despite the long line.

411 West

If your significant other’s parents are in town and you want them to think you’re actually put together.

Even though it’s close to impossible to get a table on Sunday for brunch here, it’s worth the wait. Even better, his/her parents will be impressed by your taste in restaurants because the service is spot on, and the BLT Benedict is practically sinful it tastes so good. Bonus points for speaking Italian with the waiter.

Crêpe Traditions

If you’re trying to eat your feelings by getting dessert for breakfast.

New to Franklin St, this restaurant offers an array of dessert crêpes. It’s located in the 140 West Plaza which means it’s probably just a short walk away from wherever you may call home. If not, there’s free parking in the 140 deck all day every Sunday.

Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen

If you’re craving a chicken biscuit, but don’t want to drive 20 minutes to Bojangle’s.

If you need a quick fix of a chicken cheddar biscuit, this drive-up spot won’t disappoint. The best part? You can shamelessly stuff your face from the comfort of your car. Don’t be intimidated by the drive-thru line that will build up on E. Franklin St., it moves pretty quickly. P.S. Did you know a scene from Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa was filmed here?

Happy brunching, Tar Heels.