What are you doing for Fall Break?

‘I’ll probably just chill with my dog’

After the first long stretch of the school year filled with midterms, quizzes and homework, Fall Break is finally upon us. Whether you’re going home to your mom’s signature chicken pot pie or staying in Chapel Hill and hibernating in your dorm, the break is coming as a relief to all.

We took to the Pit to see what plans students had for the long weekend.

Jade Blair, junior, Political Science

“I’m going home to attend my niece’s 2nd birthday party. It’s Frozen themed, and my mom is kind of a crazy grandma, so it’s going to be a pretty huge ordeal.”

Brandon Cosgrove, freshman, Physics and Math

“I’m heading up to D.C. to check out some museums. Might go see a play or even go to the National Gallery. I was planning on seeing the Bernie Sanders rally, but it got moved.”

Shawnna Gladney, senior, Public Policy and Global Studies

“I’m going to Columbia, SC, for the football game between University of South Carolina and Vanderbilt. Spurrier got fired? I had no idea. I like football, but I don’t get involved with any of those details.”

Amma Boakye, senior, Public Policy and Global Studies

“I’m roadtripping to Atlanta, GA, to go to an African restaurant called Ike’s. I’ve never been before, but they have Ghanaian dishes that I’ve been really wanting to try.”

Hailey Johns, junior, Chemistry

“I have to stay here for break because I work at Kipo’s on Franklin, so I don’t want to lose my job from missing any shifts. Besides that, I’ll probably be alone because I don’t have friends. Just kidding, I have a couple. But I’ll probably just chill with my dog.”

Trevor McPherson, sophomore, Biology and Music

“I’m from the Outer Banks and we just had a hurricane. It destroyed the beach roads so I’m interested to see what it’s done. It didn’t effect my house thankfully.”

Darshan Patel, senior, Economics

“I’m going home to sleep, hang out and just rest a lot. My mom is definitely going to cook me some great dinners, too.”

Ryan Felts, freshman, Astrophysics

“I’m going home to Statesville. It was my birthday last week so I’ll probably go to my dad’s house and have a birthday celebration there. I also definitely have to go to my favorite restaurant called Macado’s – they have my favorite turkey and bacon sandwich.”

Safe travels, Tar Heels.

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