ArtHeels play a game of Messy Twister in the Pit

‘I should have stretched first’

What better way to relieve midterm stress than to play a giant game of Twister in the Pit? But not with your basic Twister mat.

ArtHeels, UNC’s service organization bringing art therapy to Chapel Hill, hosted Messy Twister in the Pit on Wednesday.

The event is a way for ArtHeels to bring therapy through art to the student body. From flying limbs and sliding hands to butt bumping and precarious stretching, Messy Twister turned into a stress reliever and workout.

After playing a round, freshmen Kelsey Woody and Mikeala Roberson were covered in paint.

“I need a shower,” said Kelsey.

Mikeala said: “I should have stretched before this.”

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